Truffles and Brunello

Welcome to a last beautiful day of specific wine tour tasting. I say specific as the holiday does continue but Mr H and I are not specifically going out to find great wines. Now that is not to say we don’t stumble across them however!

We started our last morning in Sienna with an amazing misty view from our gorgeous converted convent hotel.


Immediately proceeding to a small area called San Giovanni d’asso and a cute little restaurant – Osteria delle Crete.

We started with a breakfast of fresh truffle tasting – decadent I know! Truffle butter on lightly toasted bread, truffle in local cured meats, truffle in cheese. Oh and some more truffle grated over the top in case we needed some more – who doesn’t!? We were incredibly lucky that we visited the area in truffle season which made this even more special.


Following that, an espresso of course. But this espresso was accompanied by these very cute little amaretto biscuits! They look like sugar cubes but they are actually teeny tiny biscuits. We had a browse round the shop and ended up taking away some black truffle in oil which we turned into truffle butter on our return – delicious on pasta.


On to Montalcino and the area in which the very famous Brunello di Montalcino is made. A quick stop off at Montalcino on this clear sky day to explore and taste some locally made honey.

There were all sorts of honey to try but we were particularly taken with the chestnut version which we brought a sample home of and promptly drizzled it over a red wine poached pear grilled with some dolcelatte cheese for a tasty dish recommended by our guide!

So then it was on to the vineyards. The wines from this area are the most aged of all those we tried in this week and they were fantastic. The first place we visited was Fanti.

Again we were lucky enough to see the harvest taking place and the time that goes into the process of picking, sorting and pressing the grapes.

I loved the storage of the bottles. I want one of these to put all mine!


We tried various different wines here and ended up with another delicious bottle of Vin Santo which we are sipping our way through merrily among other things.


After Fanti and another amazing lunch here we headed on to Le Chuise.


We were disappointed they did not have any of their Riserva to try or buy but we did try three different vintages from their collection which all had distinctly different flavours from the variation in conditions year on year. We ended up purchasing a couple of their Brunello from 2009 which we will be keeping for a little while yet I think to allow it to develop further.

All in all, our 4 days of wine tasting was absolutely superb. We couldn’t have asked for a better organised few days. I approached Grape Tours for this and I can’t recommend them highly enough! If you don’t love Italy already, go here, do this. You will fall in love.

Next I will give you a little run down of our other days in Italy in some completely cute hotels and agriturismos. In the mean time…

Happy Travels!

Mrs H x


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