The Noble Ones

Today I bring you a post on my trip to Montepulciano and its fantastic noble wines. Montepulciano itself is another town perched on top of a hill. The DOCG wines produced in the area are known as Vino Nobile di Montepulciano and is one of Italy’s classic red wines. They were a favourite amongst the local aristocracy apparently, hence the ‘noble’ part!


Mr H and I did not have time to stay in Montepulciano itself so we opted to have a quick espresso at a cafe half way up the summit to the top of the hill town for a caffeine hit and some amazing views. I never get tired of this place.

What I am drinking…

I would strongly suggest if you are into wine and visiting the area that you take a trip to both of these vineyards as they are a complete contrast to each other and both doing some amazing things with wine. Needless to say, this was the day we ended up filling a few cases of wine for shipping…

We started the wine day with an ultra modern vineyard – Salcheto. This place was fascinating as they operate on a zero energy cellar system and hold sustainability of their production in the highest regard.



If you take a trip to Tuscany, September is either a really good or bad time. On the one hand, the vineyards are very busy with the harvest and so some may be closed etc but on the other hand you might be lucky enough to see harvest in full motion which we were.

In the afternoon we visited the complete opposite vineyard to the morning – Boscarelli. This vineyard was extremely rustic and had a very authentic feel. This was hands down the best wine tasting of our entire trip with delicious wine mixed with the very charismatic owner. All of the wines were great here – from the basic Prugnolo through the Vino Nobile, Super Tuscan, and a really special Vin Santo (definitely not one for dunking biscotti in!).

We ended up taking a case home…we may have been helped along by the generous tasting.


What I am Eating…

In the morning before the first vineyard we visited a pecorino cheese farm in the countryside surrounding Montepulciano. This was swiftly followed by a cheese tasting of course. There were so many varieties to taste including fresh ricotta cheese which we learned was a by product of the pecorino making process. It was delicious but due to its freshness we would not be able to bring any of that home – gutted. We also tasted fresh pecorino with truffle among other things. Then the aged cheeses – we opted to bring home a hunk of the gran riserva pecorino which we have been savouring in slices with some of that amazing aged balsamic vinegar we also brought home….and a glass of wine of course.


We took lunch at the first vineyard we visited today which started with the fairly standard Italian meats to start – I was fairly meat-ed out by this point! This was followed by some lovely hand rolled picci pasta in a simple tomato sauce which was delicious.


Stay posted for the next installment where I will continuing my Italian adventure.

Happy Travels!

Mrs H x


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