Cornwall by Foot, Wheels and Stomach

A nearly 300 mile drive on Easter weekend. Am I mad? perhaps. Am I looking forward to a foodie weekend away in Cornwall? Definitely.

I am not quite sure where 2017 is going so far but I would like to ask it very politely to slow the heck down. All of a sudden I am one month away from my trip to Cornwall and having some thoughts on planning.

Where I am Staying..

Mr H and I are taking this trip with our good friends Mr and Mrs YJ who love a foodie trip as much as us. I have booked a cottage in Padstow with parking in order to hopefully miss out on the faff associated with parking in this tiny town over a bank holiday weekend.


With a view like this and a few minutes walk to the centre of Padstow, hopefully it is a winner.


What I am Planning..

As you might know, I enjoy a glass of wine or four two. I also love visiting vineyards and wineries across the world, meeting and supporting the producers of these quality products. I am a huge fan of English sparkling wine and am making my way around as many of the UK vineyards as possible so my trip to Cornwall seemed a perfect opportunity to sample another and so I will be visiting the Camel Valley Vineyard for a tasting.


Perhaps buying a bottle or two to enjoy back in our cottage garden later – despite it being a UK bank holiday I am feeling optimistic about the weather, can you tell?

I will be exploring the quaint seaside towns surrounding Padstow and also taking the opportunity to visit the Eden Project whilst our friends are with us.

Mr H and I will be taking to two wheels on the Sunday morning and getting in as much of the Camel Trail before lunch. I tried to convince Mr and Mrs YJ to no avail, perhaps they are the sane ones! I am very much looking forwards to this as many years ago on a trip with my in laws and Mr H (before the Mr), I had a mishap on this very bike ride which ended with a crash, bang, bump and some scars I will never be rid of! Not one to let a bike to beat me – Camel Trail, I am coming for you.


After this, Mr and Mrs YJ will be heading home and Mr H and I are thinking about staying on for a couple more days to take some hiking trips around the area which I still need to think about but I will let you know 😉

What I am Eating..

Well, this is quite the foodie trip and with the combined planning power of two Mrs there is quite a culinary tour planned.

We will be visiting Rick Stein’s St Petroc’s Bistro (and sampling his fish and chips most likely!), Paul Ainsworth’s No. 6 and Nathan Outlaw’s namesake restaurant. Let you know how they go when I am back – we will be needing that bike ride!

Happy Travels!

Mrs H x


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