Tropical Paradise? Cook Yourself Happy

After traveling around Bali for a week, I had planned a week stay at a beach resort to recharge. It was our summery holiday after all.

Where I am Staying..

I must admit I was led on where to stay by a travel specialist for this one. Despite doing a lot of research and not being 100% sure, I allowed myself to be swayed and chose to stay in Nusa Dua at the Conrad Bali.


We arrived at dusk and it seemed nice enough with a standard five star welcome. There should be for the price!

The short story is we were not tremendously happy here, it was a huge hotel and at 98% occupancy yet there was ZERO atmosphere unfortunately in the evenings. My hypothesis is that this is due to the ridiculously high prices. I mean I am not stranger to paying £20 for a cocktail in London, but that is London. It is not me and one other person, oh wait he’s my husband! sat in a deserted bar. The food was similarly of a high standard but suffered the same problem.

I was also bitterly disappointed with the beach, white sand paradise it was not and full of motorised water sports ALL day long. This is not a problem if is not what you have been sold but I had. Mrs H was not happy.

Anyway never one not to make the best of the situation..

What I am Planing..

As you probably guessed by now I like my food and really like to taste and recreate the things I try on holiday at home if possible hence I booked us a cooking class in nearby Jimbaran Bay. We spent 3 hours, just Mr H and I in a kitchen with two tutors making a variety of delicious Balinese dishes including soups, satays and marinated grilled fish.


We also learnt how to make a banana leaf parcel to cook your rice in. WAY harder than it looks.


We headed back with loads of recipes and useful tips, the best souvenir you can take home is an experience don’t you think?

What I am Eating..

After day one, I realised I would want to be eating out of the hotel the rest of the week. We had some fab meals for a fraction of the price in completely diverse range of restaurants. A couple of my favourites were:

Bebek bengil (Nusa Dua)- they basically serve one thing here really well and that is crispy duck. Try it, you will not be disappointed.

The Secret Garden (Lovina) – This place is actually in someones house I think with a handful of beautifully laid tables under cover in the garden. They serve more higher end Balinese food with excellent service.

Bumbu Bali (Nusa Dua)- This one is a Balinese institution and you should really visit if you can. It was packed to the rafters, every table full and the entire kitchen welcomes you as you enter. They also have a renowned cooking class here but spaces book very quickly – I was not quick enough on this one!

My favourite evening though has to go to our last in Bali which was a trip down to Jimbaran Bay to watch the sun set sat on the beach. There are several of these sea food cafe’s along the beach which you can choose from all much of a muchness I think. We ate simple grilled Red Snapper, prawns and lobster chosen fresh by us and cooked in front of us. A roaming band played gentle tunes and it was a perfect end to the holiday.


When it comes to Bali, I probably will not be back. In time, I would like to see more of Indonesia though. The first week traveling around this culturally rich and stunning landscape was an amazing experience which I would recommend to anyone but just choose your beach location carefully if you are into that sort of thing.

Happy Travels!

Mrs H x



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