Ubud and a Seriously Special Hotel

Today, I bring you a post on my third stop in Bali, the cultural heart of Ubud and a beautiful place to lay your head.

Where I am Sleeping..


Alila is quite simply one of the best hotels I have ever stayed in. It’s secluded hillside location high above a lush green river valley offers a blend of contemporary design and traditional Balinese architecture. The pool itself definitely deserves a mention on its own.


You need to check this place out.


The rooms are located in 2 story buildings overlooking the valley and were stocked with dark wood furnishings, crisp white linen and luxury products. The open air bar overlooking the infinity pool and jungle beyond was similarly beautiful serving the most amazing and imaginative cocktails with the spicy Rujak being my favourite.


What I am Planning..

Alila know how to do breakfast. The breakfast here was different everyday and absolutely beautiful. My personal favourite was the red velvet pancake. Desert for breakfast – hell yes!


Following this we traveled to Tunjuk to start the day with an amazing sustainable tourism excursion where we got to experience local Balinese life whilst supporting the community. We learnt how to make offerings out of banana leaves and visited a local school before donning a farmers hat, dousing ourselves with mosquito repellent and grabbing some tools to have a go at the local farming methods. I learnt how to plant, transplant or harvest rice whilst getting knee deep in mud and riding a traditional bull driven plough and getting even more covered in mud. It was such good fun, I would highly recommend giving this a try!


After walking around the rice fields observing the daily activities of the village including watching the locals defy gravity by climbing huge trees to pluck coconuts from them, we returned to the kitchen to a delicious home cooked meal served in banana leaf.


In the evening we went out to witness a traditional balinese dance performance in Ubud. I was left wondering how this group of men were able to continue chanting for an hour plus without stopping and how the young guy in the horse costume did not set himself on fire. Let me know if you get to check this one out?

What I am Eating..

Following all that hard farming work and a ton of mud, it was time for some luxury and Bridges Bali was just that. An open air restaurant in the heart of Ubud, serving up delicious food and a glass of bubbles all on white linen table cloth. sometimes you just need a bit of R&R and this was it.

The following day we visited the ARMA (Agung Rai Museum of Art), one of the best permanent collections of Balinese and Indonesian paintings giving us a great overview of the rich artistic traditions of this island. We went on to investigate Ubud’s Royal Palace and wander the streets of the bustling market where I picked up a couple of souvenirs.

About that R&R – we rounded the day off with a traditional Balinese massage at a local spa. It would be rude not to!

The following day we headed out to our beach destination – Nusa Dua via the majestic Mount Batur volcano.

Happy Travels!

Mrs H x



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