Bali – The Big One 2016

Today, I am going to take you back to “The Big One” 2016 which happened to be Bali, Indonesia and the first of a series of posts on this fascinating location.

I had not been to Indonesia at all before hand, I had in my mind “tropical paradise” and while some of the trip lived up to expectations, other unfortunately did not.

Mr H and I arrived weary after the long hall in economy and a brief stop in Singapore sometime in the middle of the night (I think!?). The sun was beating down and we picked up our transfer to the hotel.

On the way we chose to stop at a local fishing village – Kusumba where they were making salt. There were colourful fishing boats lined up on the shore, it was a nice place to take a rest before continuing.

Our first stop on our tour of Bali was Candidasa in Bali’s eastern province.

Where I am Sleeping..

Knowing what I had planned, I had chosen the first couple of nights of our visit to stay at Rama Candidasa. It was comfortable enough. Part of me wished I had opted for a sea view from the room however we were so tired it did not really matter!

We ate in the hotel restaurant which itself was set right on the sea front. It offered us our first taste of Balinese food – satay of course and some juicy huge prawns.

What I am Planning…

On the first full day we woke bleary eyed, attempting to get into the different time zone, ate some breakfast and made our way to Klungkung (approx 50 minutes) to visit the former Royal Courts of Justice known as Kertagosa. The ceiling was covered in hand painted images of the battle of good vs evil.


We continued on to Besakih, known as the ‘Mother Temple’ of Bali and the largest and most important on the island. Located in the shadow of Bali’s highest volcano – Mount Agung, it was a beautiful backdrop.


After this we stopped for lunch at Maha Giri restaurant, dining on fresh Balinese cuisine surrounded by amazing views over rice field terraces and Mt Agung.


To continue the day, we moved on to Tenganan, taking some time on the way to visit a plantation where I tried the Balinese snakeskin fruit. It was a delicious mix of tropical flavours almost like those orange black jack sweets (do they even still make those??)


There was also a range of different coffee and tea to taste. I loved the hot chocolate mixed with warming spices and the turmeric tea which we brought home a sample of.

We trecked for 2 hours from Kastala through the rice fields down to Tenganan and enjoyed a walk around this ancient village.

Stay posted for more adventures from Bali as I toured around this amazing island…

Happy Travels!

Mrs H x



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