A Tale of Two Towns

Time for a rest day in the Lake District. Well a shorter walk at least today and some time to investigate two local towns.

Hawkshead by Foot..

Following the weather closely this week, I knew this day was meant to be apocalyptic conditions and so I planned to have a lighter day and visit two very lovely towns in the area. We woke to not such terrible conditions after all and decided to take a short walk of 4 miles around the fells surrounding Hawkshead.


We made it to the summit and sheltered whilst having a cuppa.


Following the walk we headed into Hawkshead for a look around this cute town. I decided to get lunch in a cafe. It was warm. It was dry. It was different. The place I chose was Poppi Red, it was very fun indeed with a hop scotch to the door.


In addition to food they also sold lots of individual gifty/homey items. I was tempted.

There were numerous tasty options to eat as well as cocktails and prosecco, all noted down on black board walls. We opted for a simple and yummy smoky lentil and bacon soup. Delicious.

After this we took a stroll around Hawkshead. It was very quiet as everywhere seems to be here out of season. There was Beatrix Potter memorabilia everywhere, inviting pubs and deli’s selling any number of local produce which I could have taken home.

Windermere by Boat…

I planned to take the ferry over to Windermere to get the best look at the lake and we surely did. We pulled up and waited all of 5 minutes to get on the ferry but I was left wondering how long you might need to wait in peak season?


We explored Bowness and Windermere, this was by far the largest town we saw, and the most open. There was even a Champagne bar (hic!)

After seeing these guys everywhere all week…


I quite wanted one to take home – I am a bit of a sucker for stuffed animals. Actually scratch that. I am a sucker for anything that Mr H tries to humanise by drawing a face on!

Anyway I found the Herdy shop selling a whole range of Herdwick sheep based products and decided it would be a great idea to buy a felting kit and make my own sheep to keep. Never. Felted. Before.

What I am Eating..

I could not come to the North of England and not have a chippy tea and so after a recommendation from my friends in Manchester we tripped off to The Little Chippy. We took our bounty back to the fort and loaded it into the Aga to keep warm for a while before happily scoffing with a local beer. Bliss.


As for that felting kit… It is amazing what you can achieve with a bottle of toffee vodka, a ball of wool and felting needle. What do you think? I think there is a certain likeness.

Stay posted for the final instalment of my adventures in the Lake District soon.

Happy Travels!

Mrs H x


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