No Such Thing as Bad Weather…

My uncle recently told me there is no such thing as bad weather, only bad clothes and I wholeheartedly agreed with him. Welcome to the next instalment of Mrs H travels in the Lake District, and its a wet one.

But First Sheep..

Sheep became a very familiar sight here. The very cute Herdwick variety were particularly popular. One on the wall behind the bed, one very cute soft toy next to the bed, many out on the hills and opening the blinds to this every morning.


It was a very wet morning, but like the sheep it was not about to dampen our spirits. I was here to walk and walk I would.

Loughrigg Fell and the Money Well Spent.

We took the 6 mile walk from Ambleside around Loughrigg Fell. It rained.


Then it rained some more.


If that “bad” clothes analogy holds true then I was pretty glad that day that I had chosen well in my Arcteryx hard shell jacket. I was never soggy despite relentless rain and it dried in minutes. I never thought I could be so excited to spend £X on “technical clothing” – I mean how boring does that sound?? – choose your clothing well my friends!

Angletarn Pikes and More of the Wet Stuff

Feeling a little deflated after waking up to another wet morning, we set out for another 6 ish miles around Angletarn Pikes. It was actually Mr H’s favourite of the week despite the rain, there were moments of brilliance (and dryness!).


Lunch with a View

The rain stopped long enough for Mr H to get lunch with a view and as my father in law said on seeing this photo – now that is “eating out”. I am inclined to agree there.


Time For Treats..

After all that rain, it was time to sample another local speciality recommended and the gingerbread at Grasmere was just the ticket. The shop was so quaint, tiny with the people dressed in Victorian attire and an intoxicating spicy smell filling the air.

You can’t beat a good tea and biscuit can you??

I might have to try and recreate this one. I am not sure how they manage to create a quite crisp biscuit but still with a good chew and the spices…!

Where I am Eating..

I had grand plans of eating out for dinner when surrounded by so many amazing local pubs but I enjoyed coming “home”, trying to fathom out the Aga and getting cosy in the evenings so much, we only ate out once but it was quite a meal.

The Masons Arms was about 9 miles away but I could have eaten almost anything on the menu. We shared the trio of pork starter with home made sausage roll with black pudding, pork pie, sausage and a medley of home made condiments.

I am not sure if it was all those sheep giving me subliminal messages but both Mr H and I could not resist the shoulder of lamb with red cabbage. It was fall apart, huge and fantastic. Everything it needed to be.

We fell into bed in a food coma – I highly recommend it!

Stay tuned for more adventures in the Lake District soon…

Happy Travels!

Mrs H x


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