Love at First Sight

So after a stop off in the midlands and then Manchester to visit family and friends, the adventure in the Lake District finally begins, and what an adventure it was. So settle in, get cosy and have a read of the first in a series of posts about this beautiful place.

Travelling late Sunday afternoon, we arrived at the cottage – Otley Beck around dusk. I had a quick trip into nearby Ulverston to grab some supplies for our home for the week before arriving so we could just hunker down for the night after a frenzied few days of hopping around the country visiting family and friends.

What a home for the week it was…

The owner – Sue was there to meet us and was lovely. They have two properties on the site with Otley Beck being the bigger of the two and recommended, given we were staying for the week. Sue showed us around, explaining how to use the Aga and the wood burning fire.  It was plain to see the love and attention to detail which had gone into decorating the cottage from the Lake District slate floors and counter tops and mint green Aga to the practical aspects which made it a joy to stay in such as underfloor heating and wood burning stove. This place was just too cute and I cannot recommend it highly enough.

Sue had also left us a little card and gift, a lovely touch.


A Beautiful Morning

After arriving at Otley Beck in the evening, it was absolutely lovely to wake up and get to take in the beautiful views on this crisp sunny first morning of our trip.

The Fairfield Horseshoe

After a quick bit of breakfast – porridge, the breakfast of Kings! (and us) to set us up for the day, I had decided we should take advantage of the good weather and go feet first into our longest hike all week – The Fairfield Horseshoe.

With views like these on our first hike, I was in love.


The hike itself was around 18 kilometres and so we went straight in at the deep end there! The weather was beautiful and we made some friends…


We had taken lunch with us to eat on the move – cheese and pickle – the lunch of Kings! We ascended to around 3000 feet. It was so quiet, we only encountered one other couple the whole day and I was left thinking how much of a trade off it would be to come in peak season when the weather may be better but you are toe to toe with other hikers both on the peaks and on the lanes.

Me H and I merrily trekked on beginning to head into mist. I had noticed the other couple eating their lunch and thought they had peaked too soon there only being about a third of the way round.


As we got higher, more and more snow appeared until we were a foot deep and in the middle of a white out wishing we had scoffed those sandwiches earlier! Thank god for GPS is all I am saying…


The top of the fell steeped in mist seemed to go on forever, I could not believe the amazing and varied weather conditions. I eventually popped out the other side onto some late in the day views over the water.


What I am Eating..

After a long day, legs shaking. Mr H and I made it back to our fort, got the fire on and had a couple of these…


and some of this…


Kin Toffee Vodka – only available in this part of the world (thanks to my friends recommendations on this one) and Cartmel Sticky Toffee Pudding – the home of this delight. I am no Stickly Toffee Pudding aficionado but if you try one, try this one. You know you want to!

All was right in the world.

Stay tuned for more of my adventures in the Lake District soon…

Happy Travels!

Mrs H x


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