A T-Break

Just a quick one for your tea break today!

Following on from my recent trip to NYC and having gotten back to the UK and the grim weather of January I could not resist attempting to recreate some of those tasty treats. The first of which HAD to be those Levain cookies! So here is to a “T-Break” – Mr H insisted I name this post as such as my Mrs H’s initial is a T. He is so funny! (rolls eyes) 😉

Who does not love a cookie?? I LOVE a cookie and since the oatmeal raisin cookie had made such an impact on both Mr H and I, it was this I needed to recreate. These cookies are large, well…huge actually like their American cousins. I weighed the dough to approx 100g per cookie and baked them in a ball from chilled. I actually froze most of the dough balls so I can just pick out and cook an individual cookie or two when needed! Baking them in a ball shape ensures the cookie keeps it’s height and does not end up thin and crisp – that is not what we are going for here.


How do you enjoy your cookies? I like mine with a side of travel mag and a cuppa in my “Mrs” mug of course!

For comparison purposes, here is the shot I took of those cookies in NYC…I think they are pretty similar but I would put more raisins in next time to ramp up the fruity flavour.


Happy T-break and Happy Travels!

Mrs H x


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