The Bagel, The Witch and The High Line

While I’m off having new adventures in the Lake District, I thought I’d share some posts from my travels in December 2016 – my trip to New York for New Year. My very first trip to NYC in fact! In this first post I bring to you the story of a very wet day but arguably one of my favourites of the trip.


The single most important “tourist” destination I wanted to get to in New York City when planning was the 9/11 memorial and museum. Such a catastrophic event which seems to loom large in my age groups childhood memories even from here in the UK.


The fact that it was raining so much that day seemed to make the location even more atmospheric.

I can’t recommend you visit this place highly enough, the museum itself was equally thought provoking. One you must see for yourself, but I feel this image sums it up quite well.


The Bagel

After the heaviness of the above, Mr H and I wandered through the financial district and took the obligatory photo with the Wall Street bull of course. I had an ulterior motive for being in this area though as I had planned a route towards the Staten Island Ferry which took us past Leo’s Bagels. I wanted to see the Statue of Liberty but with limited time, this seemed like the best option. Wandering in to the tiny take out joint, there were no end of different combinations of bagel to be had and a fast and furious service at the lunch time rush. I knew I wanted some sort of smoked fish and so asked for their recommendation. Five minutes later I was the proud owner of this beauty, deep filled with eastern Nova Scotia salmon, cream cheese, red onion and tomato…


This bad boy was coming with me on the ferry to see Lady Liberty!

…or so I thought. In fact the poor weather conditions made it pretty tough to see her in all her glory with this slightly sad photo as evidence.


However, the bagel more than made up for it and I spied a much better view on the way back to Manhattan, despite the weather. Check out that skyline.


The High Line

As you may know I love to try and see as much of the place I am visiting as possible by foot and so when I read about the disused elevated railway track that had been converted into a 1.45 mile long park, I immediately wanted to visit.

Mr H and I meandered up through Greenwich and the Meatpacking district to Chelsea where The High Line can be found. I found Chelsea market and wished I had had endless time to check this place out in more detail. Such a cool venue full of different vendors and shops selling a complete variety of food and drink. I sampled some of the tahini based sweet “Halva” which was more-ish in its savoury sweetness. Next I came across The Fat Witch – New York’s “Legendary” brownie apparently.

It is a good job I do my research and I had actually read about this place otherwise I may have passed it by as over promotion. There were various flavours to choose from – Blonde Witch, Emerald Witch, Walnut Witch, Caramel Witch to name a few but I was there to try The Red Witch; a dark chocolate fudge brownie studded with sweet and sour cranberries. This one came on our walk with us along The High Line.


By the time we reached The High Line, it was twilight. I was worried we would not see anything but actually it was a really lovely time to see it.

Of course you can’t take in the green feel that the park has to offer from this but I don’t know if you really need to when you have the imposing New York towers lit up and a twilight sky as beautiful as that.

Evening Fun

If you are not tired out after all of that then you could do as we did and get a quick re-charge of the batteries in and head back out for a late dinner. Everyone seems to eat out late in NYC as they do back home in London so it suited us. This evening I chose an NYC institution – Balthazar . I wanted to see how it would compare to our local Balthazar in Covent Garden.


The resemblance is uncanny in terms of decor and with a lot of the food offerings being the same or very similar, you could be forgiven for thinking you were back in London. There were certainly some differences however, I tried a salmon koulibiac which was salmon, rice, spinach and mushrooms enveloped in pastry with a mushroom cream sauce. I will definitely be attempting to re-create this one at home.

Keep reading for more posts on my trip to New York City and Happy Travels!

Mrs H x


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