Porticos and The Sweet Treat Trail- Bologna

So when you are eating all this amazing food in one of the culinary capitals of the world, I think it is always nice to get a bit active and work up an appetite for the next round, so here are a couple of the adventures Mr H and I got up to in Bologna and the treats we enjoyed afterwards!

A Head for Heights…

I am afraid of heights – There, I said it. I experience the sort of fear that makes your hands go clammy and tingle! However, I could not come to Bologna without at least attempting to scale the famous tower. There are two towers in fact (Le Due Torri) but you can only climb up the Asinelli tower. Well we ascended the tower – all 498 steps, and took in the view on a beautiful crisp December day (or at least Mr H took in the view while I stuck to the wall like our cat does to the floor when he knows he is about to be given his flea medication). The view really was worth it though…

Steady your nerves…

You may have realised by now that I have a sweet tooth and so no visit to Italy is complete for me without a Cannolo. It was my birthday after all and so the hunt for this delicious treat was on. I call it “birthday cake”.

This one did not disappoint with crisp, flaky pastry filled with a creamy ricotta cheese and candied fruits, chased down with an espresso of course. Heaven in desert form!


Out of Town Adventures…

A chilly day in Bologna began with a decent continental spread for breakfast from the hotel. I had decided we would take the long walk under Bologna’s many porticos (all 660 of them) to the outskirts of the city and a beautiful church – Santiano San Luca.

The porticos are interesting in themselves. Decorated in an array of styles, some completely spartan and others with elaborately painted ceilings. They also make Bologna a great wet weather destination as you can travel between all the main sights of the city largely undercover.

The walk itself took about 2 hours and was several kilometers long. The last part being a fairly steep climb for 2 kilometers to 270 metres above sea level. We spotted several lycra clad locals who obviously use this route as part of their daily fitness regime! The climb was well worth it to find this stunning example of an Italian church at the top. I am always blown away by the beauty and obvious time to which people are willing to dedicate to create churches like this, and to keep them in such splendor.

Warming Treats..

I am not sure anyone does hot chocolate like the Italians do. I mean this was proper ‘stand a spoon in this’ territory and it was delicious with a couple of mini treats from this cafe’s extensive selection.

I hope you enjoy making your own adventures in Bologna and searching out some of these treats for yourself.

Happy Travels!

Mrs H x



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