2017: Some Serious Planning

So it is January. It’s cold, it’s wet and a little snowy. There are lots of bills to pay and everyone is doing “Dry January”. Why anyone would choose the grimmest month of the year to abstain from alcohol completely seems an odd one to me but that’s another story!

January is however, the best time to start thinking about your travel plans for the next year (if you haven’t already). I think it is always best to have things to look forward to, and by “things”, I mean holidays! Here is a run down of what I have already penciled in for the half 1 of the coming year…

The Lake District, Cumbria, UK – January


A change of job means that I have holiday to use in January. Taking holiday in January seems strange unless it is for skiing purposes of course (more on that another time!) but an invitation to visit my good friend in Manchester who I will be a bridesmaid for in 2018 meant it was the perfect time for Mr H and I to get to this absolutely stunning part of the UK which we have never visited.

It will be wet. It will be muddy. It might even be snowing but we have 6 nights in a cosy cottage booked and plan to hike our way around this rugged landscape – weather permitting. Stay tuned.

Padstow, Cornwall, UK – April


After needing to give myself some time to settle in at the new job, April will bring the next trip which will be an Easter getaway to the picturesque Cornwall coastal village of Padstow – perhaps made particularly famous by having Rick Stein and his restaurants as residents. Mr H and I have wanted to get down to this area of the UK for a while but there always just seemed to be a more exotic solution to our wanderlust which involved less driving. However, when a like minded couple friend of ours suggested a foodie getaway – how could I say no?

We have another cute cottage booked for this one for us and our friends – lets call them Mr and Mrs YJ in the centre of Padstow. So far there is planned – much eating, drinking and merriment at some lovely eateries, sightseeing of the pretty villages, cycling the famous Camel Trail, some spectacular countryside walks and wine tasting at some of the regions beautiful vineyards.

St Lucia, Caribbean – May


By May time, I will be in serious need of some sun and so have booked a week in St Lucia which happens to fall over Mr H’s birthday – lucky him. We have a soft spot for the Caribbean since we got engaged in Antigua in 2013. Since then we have not been back but have been yearning for the beauty and laid back attitude these gorgeous islands tend to have. Given our keen interests in hiking and seeing the natural beauty of our destinations, volcanic St Lucia seemed like the perfect choice. We will be staying at Ti Kaye Resort and Spa and will be telling you all about it. In the mean time check it out: http://www.tikaye.com/ 

California, USA – The Road Trip – July


This one has been on our “list” for a while, more on the “list” another time! Every year we try to tick off at least one of The Big Ones, plus we love a good road trip. California, you are 2017’s Big One (for now at least…). California seems to potentially have everything you I could ever want in a holiday destination – or living destination for that matter. There is sun, sea, ski, wine, national parks to your hearts content and some really great cities. Variety is the spice of life they say!

So we have 2 weeks here and in that time I so far have planned the following:

  • City living in San Francisco
  • Wine drinking in Sonoma
  • Taking it all in in Yosemite National Park
  • More wine drinking in Paso Robles
  • Sun, sea and surf in Santa Barbara
  • Whale watching in Monterey

There is soooo much more to come on this one, I look forward to sharing.

I look forward to telling you all about my travels as they come around and my plans for the second half of 2017 as they unfold…


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