A T-Break

Just a quick one for your tea break today! Following on from my recent trip to NYC and having gotten back to the UK and the grim weather of January I could not resist attempting to recreate some of those tasty treats. The first of which HAD to be those Levain cookies! So here is … More A T-Break

I Heart NYC

Now I like a cookie as much as the next girl…but when I saw the queue for the Levain bakery I thought twice and Mr H was already backtracking half way down the Upper West side street! But before that…brunch! I had planned a day of exploring Central Park ahead of us and one cannot … More I Heart NYC

Brooklyn Bites

The Bridge Continuing the New York series, today’s adventure consisted of a trip to Brooklyn via one very famous landmark… It was a perishing December day with the odd snow flurry attacking from all angles when Mr H and I traversed the bridge. Luckily I had my cosy ┬áRab Microlight down jacket to keep me … More Brooklyn Bites